Windows Cache bug

The following strange behaviour has been spotted on Windows XP SP3 for file-based virtual disks: If a virtual disk driver with a filesystem mounted on it receives an IRP_MJ_READ request and issues a read request for some FS file using the same buffer, this buffer remains allocated (held by system cache?) until a big timeout elapses or until the FS is dismounted. That leads to strange behaviour for reading large amounts of data from virtual disks: the system cache occupies all available RAM and the PC freezes continiously trying to free some RAM by moving data in and out the pagefile.

It looks like Windows XP (and Vista?) maintains a global map for buffers used for read requests, and the sequence that causes the bug is the following:

The workaround is very simple: we allocate an intermediate buffer and substitute it to our Read() handlers instead of the original one. That way, it can safely be passed to file reading functions. If the size of a read request is greater than our buffer size, the request is split into several Read() calls.

To enable the workaround, simpy call the BasicStorageVolume::EnableWindowsCacheBugWorkaround() method from your child class constructor. Logo